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Recently Mercedes celebrated its sale of 20,000 cars in India. More and more Car Companies have shown interest in the country with big names like

GM, Hyundai, Toyota, Ford and many such big names now operating in India. The cars are making big moolahs with great and luxurious brands of cars coming to woo the Indians. Add to it the the Tata’s Nano with Hyundai and Toyota also roping in for the small cars. What

would be the situation of the country? Can you Imagine?

India’s population is second largest in the world but catching up fast with China to become the

leader of the world. But if taken, area-wise it is no where near to China. The introduction of cars like Nano will only make the congestion of the already congested roads miserable. Have a look at the current situation and one won’t be able to ever imagine the next… Add Nano and its likes…

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