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It may feel strange for some people as they read the topic of the post. But few incidents in the past month where am I staying with some of my friends encouraged me to go for this post.

Life is a cobweb and few of us try to understand it. We are different from the animals in the only way is that we live in a social intellectual world. I stay with two of my friends-one being my close and dear Friend Debu and m classmate at IIITB and another being my senior at IIITB, Shibashis. Both of them are good but there is something wrong with the second guy; I feel.

Firstly, last month, Shibu fell ill and went into such a situation that he was not able to move at all. Both of us helped him a lot; which I feel he should not also deny it. Apart from carrying him to the doctor, cleaning his vomits and making food; we struggled a lot during that time especially after returning from th hectic schedule of the office. Now, the real story begins. Even after not recovering completely, the guy moves out in the weekend for his stupid so-called Bengali Samiti Program. And to the surprise, he returns back home at 3pm with full confidence of having lunch at home and guess what, i did that as Debu was in Chennai to meet his brother.

The following week, his parents arrive (its OK as even though he has recovered completely), the father stays for 2 days and then moves out but again to the surprise, he makes his mother stay with us for more than a month without consulting any of us and that when he is not staying alone rather sharing a house ignoring others’ presence and privacy. Great..I can’t ever imagine a guy like this in my distant dream but yes, such guys do exist.

His mother stays with us for more than a month. I always felt that though it was bit more demanding from my side; but managed as mothers cannot be compared with anyone and here anyone is ANYONE but atleast he should have consulted us before making someone stay.

Next, on the line was the celebration of the birthday of Rabindranath Tagore. Do Tagore symbolizes just Bengalis or West Bengal? Perhaps, at least if you would have looked at this guy, Shibu and his co. Shibu becomes the President of his so-called Bengali Samiti.  Now, almost every day someone is invited by our so-esteemed President to have lunch/dinner at home. Not bad. But its not good when your so-called samiti or the President does not pay for it himself. And the crowd could have been most welcome had the President be staying at White House or Raj Bhavan; but so-President stays at a place; that we need to come to figure it out. Moreover, the President’s friends are from so noble cultured homes that they smoke among the non-smokers and leave their plates as it is after having food without washing.

Further, there are no timings to enter or exit the house; no matter what the other two poor little guys might think. The only appropriate time is his (the President-Shibu) timing. Add on to this, the President has not contributed a single penny except buying 1 Kg or so fish.

But the most astonishing moment for me was-He left with his friends to the WonderLa in Bangalore leaving his mother at home alone. When I asked that he would have taken his mother with him-hi answer was-“That place is not for people like them and it is more for the younger people like him”. Now, thats the VALUE ADDITION for him. In contrast to that, I have seen very-very old people in USA enjoying DisneyLand, SeaWorld, Clubs, Parties and roller coasters like a child. And guess, what people like Shibu do. I am very upset with people like them.

These people forget that when they were small child, their parents used to take them to various places like Melas and all, where as a child you need not understand and when you grow up and become intelligent, they decide which are the places their parents can visit with them and which are not. Parents spent their whole life looking for our prosperity and happiness and when it is their time to enjoy, why do we guys behave like this.

And Guess what, this guy aspires to do PhD and become a doctorate. A person, who could not look after the comfort and enjoyment of his/her parents, can we expect him to do any good to the society. That is a severe crisis when the young generation is caught in India between their own culture and the so-too Western Culture (Though honestly speaking I could not see it anywhere during my 2 and a half months stay at the most developed country of the world-USA).

These people happily celebrated Tagore’s Birthday without realizing the true values of their life–Social Cause as these Bengali Samiti can hardly do anything for the society for the human cause; these people can only do for their own personal cause. They did all these stuff when people died in the Jaipur Blasts; a sever cyclone in Burma and earthquake in China. I can bet not a single rupee would have gone for these disasters.

Now, its high time we decide whether humanitarian values are important or the so-called hollow and fake cultural values. Its time to boycott such events and try to channelize money for some good cause.

Sorry, for being too critical in this post but I could not resist myself from mentioning this weird and most horrible experience of my life.

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