Samsung’s Instinct vs. Apple’s iPhone

Samsung will be coming soon with its new cellphone “Instinct” on the lines of the Apple’s iPhone.


Samsung Instinct

The iPhone may be the talk of the wired universe right now, but that doesn’t mean Apple’s rivals aren’t trying to get their fair share of buzz too. Sprint is aggressively trying to position Samsung’s Instinct, set to debut later this month, as an iPhone-killer even before either device is available for sale.

Sprint isn’t even trying to be subtle. “See Instinct defeat iPhone,” says a posting on Sprint’s Web site. There, short videos comparing features of the two are available for viewing. The videos include music and e-mail features, Internet speed and television viewing. “Let the games begin,” says another Sprint posting on its site.

Of course, all the videos show the Instinct superior to the iPhone, which operates only on the AT&T Wireless network in the United States.

The videos have caused something of a stir on YouTube. One clip showing how the GPS functions of the two phones stack up has already been watched more than 94,000 times. (It was posted one month ago.)

But new videos are constantly being posted, one less than a day ago. It will be interesting to see what new videos show up now that Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, has unveiled a sleeker, faster iPhone.

Let the games begin.


Courtesy: New York Times


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