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Well, this is a Bollywood post after a long time in fact. There is no doubt that the reviews of Rab ne Bana di Jodi have not been as great as it was expected, especially being Shahrukh Khan Starrer Aditya Chopra film. But people my age will definitely agree that Adi has brought an angel with this film – Anushka Sharma. Anyone who has seen her will definitely fall in love with her at the very instant. What I liked about her is her chubbiness and despite being a model, she is just so perfect. It reminded me of Kareena Kapoor when she came into the industry. Compared to her current looks, she has just turned into a bony girl with no flesh and blood, thus, having lost all her charm and beauty going after the so-called glamour and size-zero. I will meet Anushka once in my lifetime at least if she does not follow the path of the current bikini-powered horrible looking film stars.

So, here I post three of her interview videos, in which she is just awesome and unbelievable. Just ignore the part of the SRK as he is going to be the same stupid 2-3 expression actor and does not make me any sense to believe that he could cheat almost the whole country with his stupid movies except Chak de India and that also make tons of money.

Enjoy 🙂

I have not seen the movie yet but I can tell you if at all I am going to the theatre, she is the only reason for doing so. Though I must confess that I should slip into a deep level of frustration to do so and by frustration, I mean it wrt to my life, which is definitely going through a rough phase.

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