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The Nightmare Dream

Well, today morning, my dream turned out to be a horrible nightmare. I am not sure why it happened, but I guess it was somewhat related to my talk to my mother yesterday. As usual, she calls up everyday to talk to me. This time, I asked her to come to Bangalore in March/April. As I am planning to go home towards April end, I thought she can accompany me later in my trip for the another round of surgery of my teeth. To my surprise, she gave me an answer I never expected. She said that she is going to come to my place after I get married. It completely blew me up. I said to her immediately that in such a case I don’t know when is that going to happen. This was yesterday, Sunday.

Later on, I had my dream today morning, Monday. It was a completely mightmare and I completely freaked out. I was at home for a brief vacation. Parents show me a girl for my marriage. She was just awesome to be ditched. I agree to it but I was about to ask for some time for the marriage. To my surprise, parents fix the wedding date immediately and completely freak me out on the wedding day with the information. My mind goes blank, my world shatters and with much courage, I decide not to go for it at all. Parents try to show me their emberassments and all but I ould not go ahead at all. Eventually, I bring disglory and emberassment to myself, my parents and my family. The moment when I come to know about my wedding on the wedding day and I sit down stripping my clothes apart and sitting on the floor like an arrogant and  mannerless child, stuck to me the whole day, thus, giving me the headache later on the day, which has grown to a much higher level now. This dream was a complete nightmare to me.

I woke up but to my happiness, I found myself in the same miserable state as I am. The fact is that it is almost impossible for me to think that I will marry at this state what I am. NO STUDIES NO MARRIAGE. That is the slogan of my life that I am determined to stick to at any cost. I hope such nightmare don’t happen again in future and I could go for my studies next year, which is very important for me and probably my topmost priority. I want to marry but I can’t get someone into a miserable state as I am today and make her life also miserable. I want my faily to be happy and they should get a good environment and a good future.

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I am back

I will be going to be back for my daily Issue and Argument Analysis soon as part of my preparation. So do check out guys and help me improve them. You will see the first of them starting from in another 10 days once I finish off some preliminary rounds of preparation.

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The surgery

This was my first surgery of life. I know I have a hell lot of abnormailites. My teeth come slanted instead of developing straight. I have a lot of in-flesh developments all thorughout my body, very similar to the some peope having the extra finger on their hand (Remeber Hrithik Roshan). My hair design on head is different and so does a hell lof things. I don’t like crowd and in general, people and I believe its true vice-versa too. I am too much into relationships too and I don’t believe in them also to some extent.

Anyways, this post is about the operation that I went through on Saturday. The surgery lasted for almost 1hr and the doctor literallly drilled into my teeth as if like drilling the wall to nail. Hell lot of blood and severe pain, which I am having still. The x-rays actaully showed that my lower 8th tooth on both sides developed slanted, thus, developing into the bones and pushong the nearby tooth. The doctor removed the left hand side one on Saturday and wanted to do the same on the other side after 15 days, but I am skipping it for the time being as I will be returning to Bangalor this Sunday and will probably undergo the second operation after my GMAT.

But the real question that comes to my mind is : Am I so abnormal that I don’t get anything that I want without suffering?

Whatever be the case, my work is to struggle and work hard and turn all this unfavorable circumstances into favorable ones, which I am sure I can.

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2009 Resolutions

Well, this is a much awaited post from my side. This is going to be my first official New Year Resolutions. As promised, I don’t know to what extent I can follow them, but I am determined to follow them to the as far extent as possible. So here goes the list:

1. Got to take GMAT seriously to get an admission in a good US university. Studying MBA is a  must for me. I just need one opportunity and I am confident that I could leave a mark on this world business which can never be erased.
2. I want to quit India. Not because I don’t love it but I want to run away from the attitude of the society.
3. No marriage till I feel I am at a good place doing some good work. So, obviously 2009 is out of question now. Additionally, I am not a great fan of arranged marriages, so if it has to be then let it happen at its own time.
4. Try, try and try and never give up be it whatever the case. No matter how much I suffer, I am not going to give up.
5. I am going to be more aggressive in investing in shares.
6. Stop watching stupid Bollywood movies to the maximum extent.

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