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For people who don’t know IPL, IPL is today’s money making machine in the sports arena. IPL aka Indian Premier League is the largest sports (cricket) entertainment in terms of money and entertainment. Now, the idea of IPL is not new. It exists in various forms of other games like basketball (NBA), soccer, football (NFA) and many more. So, what makes IPL the most popular game.

  • Cricket: Cricket is one of the craziest games of many countries especially in Asia. Go to any nook and corner of the countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and you will find kids and people playing cricket with a bat and ball. Very few them make it to the playing 11 of the team but to be 11, is like a dream come true for anyone. In India, cricketers and film stars are like demi-gods. If one legend dies, the whole country goes down in no time. If India gives one bad performance in a cricket match, the effigies are burnt. One would be surprise to know that we have temples to worship cricketers and film stars. Moreover, IPL paved the way for shortest version of cricket games: 20-over bringing the excitement right onto the audience
  • Entertainment: Cheer-leading has never been a profession earlier in India but it is one now. How can someone forget the Knight Riders’ team Cheer-leading Reality Show. Additionally, not to forget the eminent filmstars associated with IPL: Preity Zinta, Shilpa Shetty and many more. Not to forget how dozens more flock around during the matches to promote themselves and their movies.

The marriage of above two fields. Cricket and Entertainment was deadly and that drove the whole nation crazy. Of course, one might say the business model is not new. There is nothing innovative. Of course, yes. I do agree but then no one introduced the concept better than IPL. And let us accept the fact: almost all our business models are the borrowed concepts from abroad: well tested and proven because we, Indians,  (most of us) are not risk-takers by nature.

Today, IPL has emerged as the biggest and largest money spinner in its genre in the sports domain surpassing all NBA and NFL. Last year, its brand value was estimated to be $4.13 Bn and with the addition of two new franchisees, it is going to be more this year. Let us look at the some of the auction highlights of this year:

  • A total of 127 players were sold in the two-day auction at the ITC Gardenia hotel in Bangalore, while 12 players were originally retained by the franchises ahead of the auction.
  • Deccan Chargers have 14 players, spending $6,875,000 and keeping $2,125,000 still to spend. Dale Steyn ($1.2 mn) and Cameron White ($1.1 mn) were the costliest players for the team.
  • Kolkata Knight Riders have 12 players, spending $8,575,000 and keeping $425, 000 still to spend. Gautam Gambhir ($2.4 mn) and Yusuf Pathan ($2.1 mn) were star cricketers.
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore have 16 players, spending $8,640, 000 and keeping $360,000 still to spend. Saurabh Tiwary ($1.6 mn) and AB de Villiers ($1.1 mn) were top fetchers.
  • Mumbai Indians have 12 players, spending $8,520,000 and keeping $480,000 still to spend. Rohit Sharma ($2 mn) and Andrew Symonds ($850,000) rocked the table for Mumbai Indians.
  • Sahara Pune Warriors, the new franchise, have 14 players, spending $8,070,000 and keeping $930,000 still to spend. Robin Utthappa ($2.1 mn) and Yuvraj Singh ($1.8 mn) were their prized possessions.
  • Team Kochi, another new franchise, have 17 players, spending $8,640,000 and keeping $360,000 still to spend. Mahela Jayawardhane ($1.5 mn) and Muttiah Muralitharan ($1.1 mn) were the costliest players.
  • Delhi Daredevils have 17 players, spending $8,250,000 and keeping $750,00 still to spend. Irphan Pathan ($1.9 mn), David Warner ($750,000) and Umesh Yadav ($750,000) were star cricketers bought.
  • Chennai Super Kings have 18 players, spending $8,615,000 and keeping $385,000 in pocket. R Ashwin ($850,000) and S Badrinath ($800,000) were top fetchers.
  • Rajasthan Royals have 8 players, spending $6,195,000 and keeping $805,000 in pocket. Ross Taylor ($ 1 mn) and Johan Botha ($950,000) emptied their suitcase.
  • Kings XI Punjab have 11 players, spending $6, 945, 000 and keeping $2,005,000 in pocket. David Hussey ($1.4 mn), Adam Gilchrist ($900,000), Piyush Chawla ($900,000), Dinesh Karthik ($900,000) were their prized possessions.
  • Rajasthan Royals were allotted budget of $7 million because of Bombay High court order.
  • Koklkata Knight Riders were constantly on the news: for picking up Gautam Gambhir for a record money and then not taking the star player of the region and former Indian Cricket team Captain, Saurav Ganguly.
  • Saurav Ganguly, Brian Lara and Chris Gayle went unsold. More than Brian Lara, this IPL auction put a BIG DOT on the cricketing career of one of the most successful Indian Cricket team Captain, Saurav Ganguly. Media left no time to make a fuss about the situation and broke hell on Dada. Most surprisingly, can Kolkata Knight Rider play without Saurav Ganguly in the player’s hometown itself? I guess yes, because this is India and lets be honest, we take few seconds to make a star and few seconds to bring someone to ashes.
  • The another aspect of auction side of KKR is: If I am not wrong, they are the only team to have broke even and into the profits. Don’t forget that they have never qualified for the semi-finals and have been one of the worst performers in the league. The credit goes to the King Khan of Bollywood, their franchise owner, Shahrukh Khan. Personally, I don’t like him or his acting but I love his presence of mind and his sheer attitude and marketing skills inspire me a lot. Remember, those xxx energy drink or the cheer-leading Reality show, SRK rocked the IPL with his own presence. SO, why KKR needs to play when both franchise owners and players are happy earning money without winning matches.
  • Personally, I feel Team Kochi made intelligent buys and did not put in money anywhere where the stake was too high. A lesson well learned from the Deccan Chargers from the past.
  • Anil Kimble made a smart move by opting himself out of the auction at the right time. Prestige and honor kept intact and he also got to mentor the Bangalore Royal Challengers.
  • Rahul Dravid, another star player of Indian Cricket team, just escaped the fate of Saurav Ganguly when he was picked up but it is a YELLOW light for Dravid. Be careful for the next auction.
  • Youngsters from India and abroad made the most out of this auction. A lot of unknown names got picked up over well known names: a very good positive sign. I am a strong believer in the power of fresh blood and Ia m sure some of them are going to make their dream run this IPL. Best of Luck to all of them!!!
  • Last year, IPL debuted on youtube, live streaming all matches. I expect this year they should live tweet also 🙂
  • IPL3 also debuted on movie theaters, showing the IPL matches live in the multiplexes. So, I guess you can grab your popcorn this year too.

IPL4 is going to have more matches and it is going to get bigger and better. I have always been a strong fan of Mumbai Indians and I am going to stick to my team this year too. Who will win IPL4? What do you think?

Just sit back, relax, get your popcorn and enjoy!!! For me, I am more interested in knowing the facts and success of both IPL4 and Cricket World Cup and we will try to bring you a post-tournament report. I am curious to co a sided-by-side analysis of the two biggest cricketing events of the year. Are you anxious? Do check back that time…

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Well, what’s up guys? I know it has been quite a time I wrote on this blog. Well, this post was due. If you are thinking about IPL version of cricket, then we will definitely talk about it but I am also going to talk about another version of IPL that swiped the country completely this month.
If you had already guessed, you are right; I am talking about Indian Elections – Indian Political League. We will talk about this version of the IPL first.
The largest democracy of the world, India, went into the Elections late last month. The results came out in May 2nd week with Unites Progressive Alliance (UPA) led by Indian National Congress (INC) getting almost near majority. With thumping applause from the voters of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh became the 2nd Prime Minister after our first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, to become the prime minister of the country in consecutive terms. The extraordinary performance of the INC with 201 seats alone showed its growing influence and belief of the voters in INC. The another major part, National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) was completely thrashed with Lal Krishna Advani’s hopes of becoming the prime minister of India being completely crashed. There was no doubt that the credit goes to Dr. Manmohan Singh for his exemplary leadership in his previous term as PM. But the efforts of the upcoming power of INC, Rahul Gandhi, cannot be ignored. If INC was able to compete at par with the Mayawati’s Bahujan Samajwadi Party and Mulayam’s Samajwadi Party, then the whole credit goes to only and only Rahul Gandhi. Additionally, this election brought the hopes of Lalu Prasad Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan, Mayawati, Jayalalitha, Prakash Karat, and Sharad Pawar of becoming the PM completely crushed. Among all these names, one can easily identity the name of Ram Vilas Paswan. Paswanji was the cabinet minister since HD Deve Gowda’s government. No matter who formed the government since HD Deve Gowda, Paswanji used to join that government with his bunch of ministers’ support to become a cabinet minister. This time he lost the elections and could not even become a MP also. The same is the state of our ex Railway Minister, Lalu Prasad Yadav. He decided to go to the elections all of his own and did not accept the alliance of INC. Such was the pathetic state of Laluji, which he lost from one of the constituencies he contested. Remember, had he fought the elections from that constituency alone, he would have been in the same boat as Paswanji. Another major turnaround was the state of West Bengal. For the first time since more than 30 years, voters thrashed the dreams of Left and for the first time Didi, Mamta Banerjee, saw the hope of becoming the CM of the state in future, Her party, Trinamool Congress, did exceptionally well in the elections, due to which she earned her berth in the cabinet as the Railway Minister. Remember, when the current Lok Sabha has more than 300 crorepatis, Didi is one of the poorest MP. Hats off to her. With a thumping win over the NDA and the left, Dr. Manmohan Singh went on to form the government by taking oath on last Saturday. I do wish him all the best and I hope he would be able to take our country to new heights of prosperity and growth, especially when there is Left Support this time. I wished that Rahul Gandhi would have joined the cabinet but its okay. Let him take outside work to build a much stronger party that can lead the youth of this country in the right direction.
I am going to take a break here as I had almost a night out yesterday and will resume writing on the other version of IPL once I wake up.
So, it was an almost 3.5 hrs break now. I slept for 1.5 hrs and then did exercise for 1 hr or so. Don’t take me seriously. I am yet to join the gym but I can say I really miss it and I am just waiting for this phase of my life to get over so that I can start afresh everything.
Well, let’s come to the second version of the IPL, the cricket, Indian Premier League. Initially, it went into issue of security due to head-on collision of IPL dates with Elections. Thanks to the stubbornness of Lalit Modi, IPL got shifted to South Africa. I had few problems with shifting of IPL to South Africa. Firstly, what kind of message Mr. Lalit Modi wanted to set with taking almost at least 300 odd ((approx 15 players in each team*8) +celebrities+performers+…) citizens of the country outside the country with the Election round the corner. None of them voted. When it was time to make a joint statement about the future of the country, these people were busy making tons of money. Who should be idolized, Mr. Lalit Modi? Why these people deserve to be in India and representing the country when none of them are not even responsible citizens. I can definitely say that Mr. Lalit Modi set a very bad example in front of cricket fans. Secondly, anyone who has seen IPL season 1 would agree with me that the real craze is playing the matches in home and enemy’s den. Playing in from of the die-hard fans and shout, is a different thing and playing in a calm place where half of the people don’t understand Kolkata, Rajasthan, Mumbai … I hope that the next season will definitely be in India. The most amazing of this season is the Finals, where last year’s 2 bottom teams Deccan Chargers and Bangalore Royal Challengers and Deccan Chargers, the worst performers of last season going on to win the finals under the captaincy of Adam Gilchrist. One find of this season of IP was FakeIPLPlayer blogger. The identity of the blogger was not revealed but he was a real entertainer gaining one of the biggest craze among the IPL fans. News channels covered the blog but no one was able to reveal the identity of the blogger. Each and every post of the blog was simply amazing, entertaining and fun reading. The articles definitely hinted of the possibility of betting in the games with Kolkata Knight Riders defeating last year’s champion Rajastahn Royals and preventing it from going to the semi finals. It was well predicted ahead in the blog that the worst performer of the current season will defeat a team and will nullify its chances of making it to the finals. ICC should look into this more seriously or the better way is to legalize the betting, which could bring huge revenue for the governments as in any form, betting does happen no matter what. One striking similarity between the IPL season 1 and season 2 was the performance of Australian players. Whether it is retired players like Adam Gilchrist, Mathew Hayden, Shane Warne or current players like Adrew Symonds, Shane Watson, Hodge, they all showed why they form the best team with their killer attitude and leading the team from the front. This is one thing I feel Indians lack a lot, which is quite visible in the team of Mumbai Indians, who don’t have a single Australian. Next time, Mrs. Neeta Ambani should bet for an Australian in the team to get the team spirit back. Are you listening, Mrs. Ambani? We need a diehard killer Aussie in the Mumbai Indians. As for the profit of the individual teams, there is no doubt who is the winner. Obviously, SRK owned Kolkata Knight Riders. Despite finishing bottom of the table, SRK managed to get well over 100 crores from various source like the reality show, some Knight Angles or so. There is no doubt how many Ambanis or Mallayas jump into this IPL, SRK is a true businessman. Hats off to SRK and his acumen. I may not be your big fan of movies but I do adore you a lot on your business acumen.

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Well, this is a Bollywood post after a long time in fact. There is no doubt that the reviews of Rab ne Bana di Jodi have not been as great as it was expected, especially being Shahrukh Khan Starrer Aditya Chopra film. But people my age will definitely agree that Adi has brought an angel with this film – Anushka Sharma. Anyone who has seen her will definitely fall in love with her at the very instant. What I liked about her is her chubbiness and despite being a model, she is just so perfect. It reminded me of Kareena Kapoor when she came into the industry. Compared to her current looks, she has just turned into a bony girl with no flesh and blood, thus, having lost all her charm and beauty going after the so-called glamour and size-zero. I will meet Anushka once in my lifetime at least if she does not follow the path of the current bikini-powered horrible looking film stars.

So, here I post three of her interview videos, in which she is just awesome and unbelievable. Just ignore the part of the SRK as he is going to be the same stupid 2-3 expression actor and does not make me any sense to believe that he could cheat almost the whole country with his stupid movies except Chak de India and that also make tons of money.

Enjoy 🙂

I have not seen the movie yet but I can tell you if at all I am going to the theatre, she is the only reason for doing so. Though I must confess that I should slip into a deep level of frustration to do so and by frustration, I mean it wrt to my life, which is definitely going through a rough phase.

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USA till now..

Well, this is my first post of the new year. Let me first take this opportunity to wish all the readers and their families a great BELATED new year.
Life is running very fast like my car here at USA. I love speed and that I achieved my dream speed of 120 mph last weekend once for few minutes. My friend got scary when I touched that speed but he was not when he was driving those high-speed roller coasters in California Adventure Park, Disneyland and Hollywood. I am quite opposite to him with the conception that at least while driving I know something is in my control rather than others (with others I mean these stupid electronics whcih can go numb even without asking you) and there would be hardly anyone in this world who fears when he has control over any situation or who is the creator of circumstances.
Anyways, I have completed just over a month in USA now and I am just waiting for yet another month to go to fly directly back to home.
Last weekend was great fun. I visited 4 theme parks here-Disneyland, California Adventure Park, Universal Studios Hollywood-all at Los Angeles and Seaworld at San Diego. I started from here on Friday eveining and it took us 7 hrs in car to reach my friends’ cousin place at LA at midnight. It was a 450 odd miles drive from Belmont, the place where I am staying. We slept bit late and then started the next day for Disneyland and California Adventure Park.
Disnayland and California Adventure Park is situated on the opposite to each other. Disneyland showcases all its characters and movies with some great rides like Space Mountain, Finding Nemo (the underwater adventure), Pirates of the Carribean, Indiana Jones and many more. Never forget to visit the Mickey’s Toon house to visit Mickey and beautiful Minnie. With so much characters round the land, its a great place for the kids to enjoy and for all those who enjoy the Disney Movies and Disney Characters. The most important events are the Disney Parade and Nigth Fireworks around the castle.
Opposite to the Disneyland, is the California Adventure Park-the best place for the rides. The hollywood walk inside it and the hollywood look-alike atmosphere makes everyone feels like to be a Hollywood star. Never miss the Hollywood Tower Hotel ride. It is based on the real story that when the Hollywood tower hotel was opened, the lift that carried some guests to their rooms at the 12th floor, the lift malfunctioned and it fell right downwards killing all the people. So, if you want to experience the ground falling before you and you screaming to find the ground space; its a great ride; especailly when they make you fall after making you watch the whole of the Disneyland and the California Adventure Park from 120 feet. And if you are in the California Adventure Park, never ever miss the California Screamin Ride- the high speed roller coaster ride that makes you go round the face of the Mickey.
After a long day at Disneyland and California Adventure Park, I went to the Seaworld at San Diego to explore the sea creatures. Apart from those wonderful creatures of the sea; the special mention comes for the Shamu-the Killer whale. Shamu is trained for the shows there and its worthy of going to watch him there again and again.He not only plays with the audience and entertains us, he splashes water at us upto 16 rows of the audience stand. The presentaion “BELEIVE” make you beleive that if you can imagine and dream and dare to follow our dream; we can go onto get everything that we dreamt and beleived. Apart from Shamu’s show, the Dolphin’s show is equally worthy and so does Sealion’s show. Apart from it, this is one of the rarest places to come in interaction with White Sharks.
The last day of the long weekend, we went to the Universal Studios, the HOLLYWOOD. The studio tour take us thorugh the various stages and demonstration how some dangerous scenes like floods, etc. are created with so ease. The demonstrations of the movies like JAWS, Backdraft and many more.
But not to mention never ever miss the 3D and 4D movies at all these parks which are one-time experiences.
Apart from them, I have visited Intel Museum, Nasa AIMES Museum, Pebble Beach, Half Moon Bay, Mystery Park, San Francisco, UC Berkley University and Stanford University and many more.
I would do injustice if I don’t mention how much my company loves me; which anyone would realize once he/she come to their Headquarter offices and it becomes a great place to work if we happen to have an Indian Manager and I am lucky enough to have all this.
Though I did not like this strip of USA so much due to some reasons. I don’t know if I am the only one to have felt this but would write more on this thing before I leave USA back to my sweet home for a small break.

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Well, the power of Imagination is very big. From my personal front, I have always believed and continue to believe that whatever we do and whatever happens starts very much from our minds. There is a possibility that we may sometimes give up due to some unavoidable situations but LIFE is great and it always give us opportunities to see our dreams as reality but we only ignore them. So, guys we have to dream and live to our dreams to see a better future for our country. One might think, how all of a sudden I thought of this notion. It was not sudden as when I saw the movie “Nanhe Jaisalmer“, I truly felt like that young guy. By my feeling, I don’t mean that I am a great fan of some celebrity or anything as such but yes, I am passionate about my dream and I could feel the frustration and enjoyment of the dream and imagination of a young guy from Jaisalmer in the movie. I would recommend everyone to watch this movie of they are living for a dream to make it a reality.
I would like to make this post short as I know I have said a lot of things which my friends don’t like but I support them and I am going to continue in my beliefs. So, I am ending this post with the starting and ending caption of the movie:

If you want some thing then you have to believe in it and if your belief is strong you will achieve it. – Samir Karnik


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Well, guys we have a real hero in “Mir Ranjan Negi“, the character of whom, was played by SRK in the recent blockbuster movie “Chak de India”. Its a privilege to know such people and it requires a lot of courage to be a real WINNER. So, here is a small article on him from Rediff.com:

Shah Rukh Khan is reaping the rewards of playing it differently.

At a time, when the nation seems gripped by cricket, the actor has chosen to play coach of an Indian women’s hockey team in the just-released Chak De! India.

A story of shame, disillusionment, and glory at last, has hit the right note critically. A tale of how we forget our heroes and continue to condemn accidentally-perceived villains.

It belongs to a soft-spoken man from Indore, who was sentenced to 16 years of misery and national censure only because he chose not to speak.

Pakistan beat India 7-1 in the final of the 1982 Asian Games. The blame for the collective loss came on one man — Mir Ranjan Negi.

For a nation looking to make sense, the shocking result, after India started as favourites, the most damning thought took root. Someone raised his hand, pointed a finger at Negi and labelled him a traitor.

‘He was offered one lakh for every goal he let in,’ said the Hindi edition of the now defunct newspaper Blitz, concluding that the Indian goalkeeper sold himself for seven lakh rupees.

There was no defence from Negi. His teammates, though Negi assures, stood by him, did not defend him either. The Indian hockey Federation, embarrassed by the whole situation, dropped the goalkeeper like a hot potato. The allegations were thus justified.

“Wherever I went people used to say, ‘Oh! you are the one who took money’,” recalls Negi.

He never again wore the India colours. His house was attacked. Mid-way through his wedding ceremony in Indore, power was cut-off and the rest of the function took place in darkness.

“I cannot tell you what I went through at that time. I was scared to go out of my house. I grew a beard so that people would not recognise me. My relatives would take me around and introduce me as a national goalkeeper, they did it all innocently not knowing how much it hurt me.”

But the soft-spoken man lived with that hurt for 16 years, never once abandoning the game that was the cause of his downfall.

Then, one day, came a reprise came in the form of an offer to coach the Indian goalkeepers for the 1998 Asian Games. As fate would have it, India won the men’s gold after beating South Korea via the penalty shoot-out. Ashish Ballal, who was not in the goalkeepers’ camp and who had been brought in on Negi’s insistence, emerged hero.

Negi then went on to help the women’s hockey team win the gold medal in 2003 Afro-Asian Games.

But, still, none of all this success vindicated him more than the movie Chak De! India has.

After facing the fury of the nation, none could have moved the country more than a film, India’s biggest mass medium, on Negi’s despair and eventual triumph.

“But I don’t think the movie covers even 10 per cent of what I went through,” says Negi, who not only coached the hockey players to help them play their part to perfection, but helped the filmmakers with visualising and making the story-boards.

Even so, “It is Shah Rukh Khan’s film,” he insists. “I don’t want to be a hero.”

Courtesy: rediff.com

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Chak de…

So, finally I saw the Bollywood Movie “Chak de India“. I did stop watching movies in the past and after a long time, I saw this movie. The theme of the movie was too good. An attempt to revive the glory of the national sports, Hockey. A very well made and deserving movie to made to Oscar library. I won’t do justice if I don’t mention Preeti Sabarwal, the most beautiful face of the Bollywood, launched this year. In fact, even I was bowled over by her beauty, attitude (the way she handled the rediff chat)and acting.
But the most important thing is: I was touched by the basics of the movie as I could very much relate my life with it; but not to forget I am yet to go a long way more. At the personal level, I simply loved the movie and I highly recommend it for home collection. I also loved the title track of Movie-Kuch Kariye. But before that, here are the some points that I would like to bring in front of my readers:

1. “Never give up”: The film was able to put an exemplary case in front of us. If we want it and work hard towards it, then we can definitely get it. Try till the end and the end will be yours to make a history.
2. “Dare to dream”: This is very important. Few among us dare to dream and most importantly, dare to chase our dreams. It is a fact of our lives- When we start growing, we think ourselves to be like somebody, to do something which will leave a footprint for others to follow-we study hard for it, then get into some job; start earning money, get married, then there comes the responsibilities and somehow we tend to lose our dreams and get into the cobweb of rat race. I have not attended any rat race game of orientation program of Famous “You Can Win” Author Shiv Khera and so does not what he teaches in that program. But my dear friends, this world is conquered by those people who break out of this rat race. I still remember one of the statements made by my senior friends-“Welcome to the Rat Race” when for the first time I entered this IT industry.
3. “Point to Prove”: We always set ourselves goals for us. But if we look at them, they are mostly realistic goals. If you watch the movie, there is a statement made by Shahrukh Khan when being questioned that this women team can never win the world cup: “That is the thing that has to be done”. So, we tend to break the rules and become a rebel to see the different world, the world which we see when we were some children. Normally, what happens in our lives is “We tend to lose our dreams in order to prove some points to the society, to the people, to our families”. We can do the same through our dreams but in this case, the approach will be different. We chase our dreams to prove a point and not the other way around where we chase the statements of other people to prove a point. There is a big difference between the two and we need to understand it.

So, guys LIFE IS A STRUGGLE and we have to CHASE OUR DREAMS to PROVE POINTS and it can’t be well said without the video clip and the lyrics of the title song with its captions as below:

1. The captions:

Sometimes winning is everything
Take a stand; Now or never
Choose a high;
Leave a mark; Now or never
Kill doubt
Stand for something; Prove something
Make waves
Never say die
Live your dream; Conquer your fears
Take a risk; Erase boundaries
Beat the odds; Trust your instincts
Take up a challenge; Never give up
Prove yourself; Own your words
Right a wrong; Dare to dream
Push the limit; Play with pride
Wake the spirit; Go for glory
Tougher the better; Face your demons
It’s your time; Taste victory

The Lyrics:

kuch kariye
kuch kariye
nuss nuss meri khaule…
hoye kuch kariye
kuch kariye
kuch kariye
buss buss bada bole…
ab kuch kariye
koi to chal zidd fariye
doobe, kariye ya mariye
koi to chal zadd fariye
doobe, kariye ya mariye
chak de…
ho chak de india
chak de…
ho chak de india

nowhere to run nowhere to hide
this is the time to do it now

goonjon mein galiyon mein
ration ki phalliyon mein
mahalon mein beejon mein
id-on mein teej-on mein
raeton ke daano mein
filmon ke gaano mein
sadkon ke gaddon mein
baaton ke addon mein
hunkara aaj bhar lein
dus baarah baar kar lein
rehna na yaar peeche
kitna bhi koi kheenche
tass hai na
mass hai ji
zidd hai to ho
zidd hai ji
pisna yuhin
pisna yuhin
pisna yuhin
bas kariye….
koi to chal zidd fariye
doobe, kariye ya mariye
koi to chal zidd fariye
doobe, kariye ya mariye
chak de…
ho chak de india
chak de…
ho chak de india

nowhere to run nowhere to hide
this is the time to do it now

ladtee patangon mein
bhidti umangno mein
khelon ke melon mein
balkhati railon mein
ganno ke meethe mein
phakkar mein cheente mein
dhundo to mil jaaye
patta wohi jo mein
rang aisa aaj nikhre
aur khul ke aaj bikhre
mann gaaye aisi boli
rugg rugg mein jal ke boli
tass hai na
mass hai ji
zidd hai to
zidd hai ji
pisna yuhin
pisna yuhin
pisna yuhin
bas kariye….
koi to chal zidd fariye
doobe, kariye ya mariye
koi to chal zadd fariye
doobe, kariye ya mariye
chak de…
ho chak de india
chak de…
ho chak de india

The Video:

And remember, this applies to all individuals who have dreams through which they want to prove something to this world. So, Chak De and lets chase our dreams with utmost honesty and sincerity…

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