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Very recently, I bought a laptop, which had limited version of Microsoft Office Suite 2007. Every time, I opened some MS Office application, it used to ask me to enter or buy a licence key for it. If I opt for Cancel, it used to tell me that you have some x amount of runs left before the trail version expires and I must buy a license.

But luckily, I got the workaround for it. It’s simple and makes the Office suite 2007 available for unlimited use. Just follow the below instructions and you are done:

1. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller\Proof.en

2. Open the Proof.XML file.

3. Replace the word “AlreadyInstalled” with “NeverInstalled”.

And you are ready to use the suite for unlimited use.

I found out this tweak over a website while I was looking around for some cause for it, though as a Software Developer, I always believe to every software, there are certain files which govern their use and if one can control their usability, then he/she can control the software.

Microsoft, look for this cause and try to fix it. This is a serious flaw in your code or at least, in the licensing software policy, which needs to be fixed asap to stop piracy.

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