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Well, I have been traveling a lot last couple of weeks. Started from Bangalore on 26th April and Returned back yesterday.
There were a lot of train journeys, in fact all of them were quite tiring.
I started off from Bangalore by Rajdhani Express to Delhi for a friend’s marriage, which was on 28th April. I caught the train with just few minutes in hand. Due to my crunch timing, I got asthma attack and unfortunately with no medicine, I had to bear it throughout my train journey. It took around 34 hrs to reach Delhi by Bangalore by the fastest running long distance train of the country.
Even though I had my side upper berth confirmed, I had to exchange it for an old man to take up a still higher berth in the AC 3-tier coach.
I reached Delhi on 28th morning and then, straightaway head to Modi Nagar, some 30 odd kms from Meerut. The arrangements were good but I needed good sleep so that I could stay awake in the night. After some initial ceremonies, I straight away came to the hotel and collapsed. After a sound sleep of 5 hrs, I started for the marriage. The hotel arrangement was really good and very relaxing and of course, I needed it the most especially after the tiring train journey.
Garg, as I call him, and often known as Mr. Bean of our class was not ready at all. I have seen so many marriages where the groom used to be the limelight much before the marriage but it was really calm and quiet here. He took just about 20 min to get ready and I helped him out there and we were ready for the pooja before proceeding ahead.
After the finish of the rituals, we started to the temple on the horse. Each time cracker burnt, the horse gets disturbed and so does our Bean. To some extent, I felt he got scared that he asked me not to light the crackers.
Well, after seeking the blessings, we started off to the marriage place, which was about 1 km from the home. After so many dances along the road by the friends and relatives, we reached the marriage venue at about 9pm in the night. Everything was good here except the band walking with us. He was pathetic with the choice of the songs. Additionally, I did not like the idea of flaunting money every now and then while dancing (this is a personal opinion). Every time money was flaunted, some street children used to compete with the badn people to take that 10 rupee note.
Well, the marriage venue was a farm house and Sonam’s family was too huge but at the same time kind heart ed and great to hold the marriage so lavishly. The food items were in plenty and everything from pizzas to rice, dal, juices, fruits, everything was available in plenty. I stayed close to Garg as he was almost alone after we reached there. It was almost around 12 am when the JayMala happened and I can tell you, it was one of the best I have seen till date. Revolving Platform added to the charm.
After a flurry of photographs, the dinner happened around 1.30 am.
The marriage ceremony started at around 2.30 am but by then, almost everyone had left the arena except close people like us and families. Now, though I like dancing, I could not make much out of the occassion basically I was down before I reached there, as mentioned earlier but I must say that I missed some golden chance to flirt with the sisters of Sonam (Sorry Bhabhi, did not mean to be -ve) but honestly, all of them were equally beautiful and smart. But I promise I will make the most next time on my visit.
The ceremony ended at around 6am and we came back to home. After grahapravesh, I came back to the hotel and took off in an hour. I planned to start with Garg’s Mausi as they were also about to come to New Delhi to catch the train, though we had a time difference of around 4 hrs. Now, that was the toughest period for me. I will keep this marriage close to my hear due to two reasons: Uncle’s love and kindness to make me a part of their family each time cousins are called upon for every ritual and also Aunty’s lunch and gift during return time.
My toughest time was in the station as not having slept and passing around 5 hrs, was a very tough task. I really struggled for those 5 hrs. I skipped the lunch so that it does not worsen my situation. The moment I boarded the train. ate my lunch and just slept. In fact, the TTE woke me up to verify the ticket and he immediately saw me off seeing my RED eyes probably.
Anyways, this journey from New Delhi to Bhubaneswar, I just slept and slept like a hell. The next day I reached home.
Now, here is the second part of the story. I got my tooth operated on Saturday and had to live on liquid for 2 days then.
The pain is still there but it was an important one. So, now I am without my wisdom tooth on both sides but I hope my wisdom does not leave me at least for couple of years so that I can get the thing I want badly in my life.
Well, I am back now to Bangalore and joined office. Have some work to do and catch on my pending tasks soon so as not to lose the momentum. All in all, I end this post wishing the newly wed couple Abhinav and Sonam a very great happy married life. And Sonam, feel free to touch base me for anything about Abhinav. I know almost everything.

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15 December 2007 was a very special day for me. I was in USA last year at this time. I remember that it was Saturday. I started from Bangalore on 15 December, 2007 Saturday morning to reach San Francisco on the same day evening Pacific time. It was my first overseas travel and that also to a dream destination, where I always wanted to be.

Those 2.5 months of stay changed my whole perspective of life. Earlier, I wanted to be in India but that visit changed me to go back there. It did not happen till I was there. But the moment I came back to India, I knew what I was missing. Its not only the vibrant nature and beauty but also the energy and power. My struggle became tougher once I came back. I was filled with higher aspirations, much bigger dreams and higher courage to reach those heights. I can say that I was fortunate enough to have visited California on my first overseas travel. The whole state was amazing. One could easily feel the vibrancy of entrepreneurship and risk-taking nature of people around. There was something different there where I guess nowhere can be found. People are always bubbling with so much energy and passion for fulfilling their dreams.

15 December, 2008 and I am in India and struggling but with a hope that one day I will be in such an environment where I can make all my dreams come true. I never remembered this difference and I happened to talk to one of my colleague who went to USA with me on the same day. Fortunately or unfortunately, he mentioned the date to me and the mention was enough to put me back into frustration again.

I just hope 15 December, 2009 won’t be the same at all.

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My First USA Trip

Well, I remember being in Undergraduate college, going to USA to work for an IT company, was a dream and thats not true for me only but everyone else too in India. But later when I was doing my Masters/Graduation, I realized that there is no better than India and I never opted to go abroad. Even during my final term during my graduation, I opted out of a Singapore company assignment at Singapore to stay back in India and worked for Motorola Labs at Bangalore. Then, when I got the job at Oracle, it was all good. And after 4 months of service, I got an opportunity to visit the Headquarters at Redwood Shores, USA. Redwood City is very near to San Francisco in the California state, the elite silicon valley of the world. All my process happened in two weeks in India and I was prepared to fly. Parents came down to Bangalore to see me off at the Airport. The travel was to fly backwards in time in the globe. I started on 15th Dec morning from Bangalore and reached San Francisco same day evening. The Singapore Airlines is good and the crew is really nice. I reached Singapore same day evening at around 4.30 pm Singapore time and after 50 minutes, I was set to fly to San Francisco to reach there on the same day evening at 6.30 pm US time. But don’t go by the timings as I flew for almost 5 hrs in the first flight and 21 hrs in the second flight. This was my first International flight experience. The second flight though, stopped at Hong Kong Airport for a while. I booked the cab to the Hotel. The company has made my stay at Hyatt Summerfield Suites at Belmont. Staying at Hyatt chain of hotels is really elite and all the arrangements are quite comfortable except that they don’t provide Lunch and Dinner and we have to arrange for them or eat outside. Started eating those Ready to made food and all out here and though, not completely out of the Jet Lag, sometimes get fast asleep at 7pm to wake up here at 2 am or so but now I am more controlled now. Had been to few restaurants now and bought some food items from the Malls. All the malls were too majestic and vast. Not to mention, Namaste Plaza, the pure Indian Mall with all the Indian-made Groceries. Its not yet even a week and I have already spent 100$, isn’t that great. The HQ is great with full of Indians and Chineses and I was drawn to conclusion that either Americans are too smart to be real good technologists or else they just do business with all left to the Indians and Chinese for the rest, atleast seems to be true in IT sector here. I have not really taken any videos or photos, so once I have them, will share all. Till now, I have been to just seen one restaurant only at Foster City of American Culture. Huge Majestic TV screens with lots of nice cool ambience, people talking everywhere. Beer and wine glasses being tossed, huge special Chicken meals, that we ordered with just Chicken and some additional add-ons like spinach, majestic huge boiled potatoes and all. The one most happening thing that happened there was Annahid. She was waitress serving us on our table and we, being pretty sure of her being an Indian, at last found her no to be. But not to forget, she was damn beautiful and gorgeous in her coat and pant and looked awesome to each one of us. I would definitely like to go there once a month or so till I am here just for her [Joking], but not to forget, the restaurant was damn costly. I don’t remember the name as of now but will update you all later. This weekend, I am going to LA and targeting to cover atleast Universal Studios and Disney World. Its definitely a great time to be here with so mush individual lightnings around on the ve of Christmas and New Year.
Not to forget again, I have got some good challenging work here but still I suck with some of the usual testing stuff I used to do for my India office with daily meetings with my Indian Manager here. I really suspect why people, that though Indian, don’t trust on the capabilities of their fellows. Anyways, everyone has their own way of working and I respect that. But the attitudes need to be changed, which I have always said and continue to do so. For me, daily status meetings sucks and that also beacuse we have come from India on some assignments here.
Ok, guys will update you on my LA tour next week. Till then, good bye.

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