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Last week saw the sad sudden demise of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The very same day my laptop went out of order, due to which even though this post is delayed but I had already had this post in my mind.

I am still in the trauma of the death of this pop icon. Honestly, before some time, the only way I knew Michael was for his dance but after being very close to his songs for some time now, especially since last year or so, I have become a big fan of Michael. Despite all his controversies, as my friend, Marquis,’s other used to say, “Michael Jackson is a sad soul desperately looking for happiness”. I don’t care what the world thinks about Michael Jackson but he is attached to my life forever. Fuck all the people and the media who remember you as a bad soul. MJ is born once in a lifetime and you showed who MJ was.

What I can say here is I could understand and feel the trauma of depression. Michael relied on pills for that. sad, very sad but as a normal person I can say anyone at his place would have been equally tempted to do so. I would be lying if I don’t confess here that even though of not intense caliber as compared to MJ but I am currently going through a small but a significant downtime of my life. There were instances when I walked into a liquor shop but eventually came out empty-handed. There were situations when I had cigarettes in my hand but I did not smoke. I must tell here that I have drank alcohols or smoked in my life. So, taking any such step is definitely a very drastic step for me. So, even though not to full extent but I feel I can understand the trauma of being in a depression and sympathize the poor soul of MJ and I could fee his pain of suffering to some extent. That’s why I feel I am still in a very big shock of my life. I understand things are out of our hand to change sometimes and it is very frustrating to accept the way things are thrown to us when we are looking towards finding a purpose to our lives. I am struggling and I will continue to do so.

Always remember and as I always say, if someone is successful then he/she is bound to have more controversies than his achievements as people were envious and jealous of the “SUCCESS” as very few people in this world do what they love in their life. Anyways, I am here to pay my sincere and hearty tribute to MJ. I always wanted to watch one of your concerts but my wish just remained as a dream now. May your pure and innocent soul rest in peace. You are going to remain with us forever with your “Moonwalk” and “Songs”. GoodBye Michael !!!

Here are some of the videos that I would like to share as my tribute to MJ:

1. Jackson 5

2. Off the Wall Medley

3. Heal the World – Super Bowl

4. The Way you Make me Feel – My Fav. Beats till date (Can’t recollect how many Bollywood Songs copied tunes 4m here)

5. Dangerous

6. Billie Jean Moonwalk Dance

7. First Ever Moonwalk

8. The Deadly MJ-Britney Pair

And please don’t comment on Michael’s life unless atleast you have gone through these videos:

1. Living with Michael Jackson Documentary

2. 1993 Interview with Oprah at Neverland

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