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Now, this has been a real nice article from Harvard Business Blog as how to use Serendipity for maximum utility. The four ways mentioned are as follows:

1. Make your passion your profession. Do you love what you do? In today’s economy just having a job is cause enough to be thankful. But the pace of change keeps none of us safe: a more uncertain world requires working harder to keep our professional skills competitive. Since most of us put intense effort only into those things that provide us meaning and emotional engagement, we must make our passions our professions or the world will pass us by.

Very true. We lose ourselves if we don’t. I have realized it from the bottom of my heart and i can tell you it pains and it pains in real form.

2. Expand — and engage — the edges of your social network. You’re probably on Facebook, LinkedIn, or some other social network by now. But how adventurous are you there? Serendipity works best when we extend the edges of our social networks. People on these edges represent “weak ties” connecting us to new insight, experiences, and capabilities that provoke us to improve our own game. Over time, these edge connections become part of our core network, transforming that core in deep yet unexpected ways.

I have been lucky to have made some real good genuine friends using the social networking. Some of them are Divya, Amitansu, Satyajeeta, Sid. I have never met them but I have chatted and talked to them for so long that I feel I know them for a long time.

3. Participate in spikes. As we begin to pursue our passions, something remarkable starts to happen. While a few of us will choose to remain in, or even migrate to, remote geographic areas because of our passion for certain physical locations, many more of us will be drawn to emerging spikes of complementary talent in densely settled geographic areas. Social networks in virtual space will amplify the forces of pull being generated in spikes as our passions motivate us to seek out people who can help us get better faster.

I have just one goal in life and I am not going to give up that in any form. No matter what I am going to keep on trying and I am sure I will get it, probably in next couple of years, it will be in my hand.

4. Maximize return on attention. Hearing these recommendations, some readers will ask how any of us will have enough time to expand our networks and explore talent spikes. Aren’t we time-constrained already? Yet by adopting new tools and services we can all improve our “return on attention” — the value we get in return for the time spent looking for what we want and need. Search tools help improve this value immensely. But serendipity tools may prove even more helpful as they connect us to people and resources we don’t yet know exist.

One never knowS. This is life and there is always some significant portion which we never anticipate and it happens.

In other words, I guess this is waht is real life and the true relation between DREAMS and LIFE.

The complete article is here. Enjoy 🙂

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